Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Supposed-to-be-Random Facts

I used to think that writing chain-topic like "25 Random Things About Me" is a waste of time. It is a silly thing done by those who do not have better idea to put on writing. My perception is forced to change upon reading Intan's note in Facebook. Instead of following the crowd, she turned this mass topic into a nice, holistic essay of herself.

Then Putri tagged me to write the same note, and so did Yanti. And I say, "Why not? Perhaps I can turn this chain-topic into something unique too".

Well, actually, I should write this topic on my Facebook. But I think Blogspot is a sexier place. I can add links, and perhaps upload some pictures later. And since everything I write on the blog goes to my Facebook account as well, technically I've written this on my Facebook too ;-)

To cut a long story short, here we go....

1. Let's start it from my childhood. I declared myself dropping out of school at the age of four. I decided then that I was smart enough, and the boring pre-school - which only taught me to sing, dance, and play - would not make me smarter.

2. My parents tried to talk me out of this decision. But they were forced to give up when I demonstrated a passive-aggresive act: walking out of my classroom one day and diving into a dirty pond outside

3. Of course, it was not my intention to dive into that dirty pond. I just wanted to play with the ducks, who swam happily on the pond. My mom told me that I was smarter than animal. My conclusion was: if I was smarter than the ducks, I would be able to walk on the water like them

4. Not knowing what to do with me, my parents consulted a Educational Psychologist. She was the wife of my dad's cousin.

5. Oh, and her husband was a psychologist too. But my dad did not consult his cousin, as he was an Industrial Psychologist. He didn't work with children.

6. This Educational Psychologist my dad consulted me to was specialized in "Gifted Children". Therefore, although I was barely a gifted child, I was in a good hand.

7. But my dad didn't want me to be, or be treated as, a gifted child. He wanted me to be a normal child. He was afraid that I would not be able to fit in the society if my potency was supported.

8. So, he treated me himself: no more newspaper to read (yes, I could read at the age of 3.5, and by the age of 4 I have already read newspaper), no more discussion with older people (yes, I'm terrible in socializing with my own peer group)...

9. ... more outdoor activity, and read children's book instead.

10. That treatment helped me becoming who I am now. Definitely not a gifted one ;-)

11. Alas, despite successfully preventing me from being a freak, my dad failed to raise a daughter who could fit into society easily ;-)

12. But let's get back to the original story. The funny thing is: my teacher in that boring pre-school was a psychology student. He is a prominent psychologist now, working with children and the founding father of Indonesia's Twin Foundation.

13. And so was another teacher; a psychology student who later became the daughter-in-law of a former governor.

14. With all these intense encounter with psychology and psychologists, how could I resist entering Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia, in 1991?

15. A place where I met my dad's cousin again. He was a former Dean by then.

16. The wife of his became my professor too.

17. And the female teacher of that pre-school became my lecturer.

18. I also met that pre-school teacher in this place when he pursued his doctoral degree.

19. I sealed my eternal bond with the world of psychology by marrying a psychologist in 1998...

20. ... the one who dedicates his life to serve two faculties of psychology; of two reputable universities in Indonesia.

21. Now I just wonder whether any of my children will ever enter Faculty of Psychology. Well, I hope they will not. As they will be able to reveal all the tricks I used when I was raising them.

22. Then I will not be able to use the same tricks on my grandchildren.

23. I also hope that they will not marry a psychologist for the same reason.

24. On a second thought, having a psychologist as a daughter-in-law might be a better alternative; compared to Nara marrying a shallow, empty-headed girl, who knows nothing beyond cosmetics ;-) Debating theories of psychology with a daughter-in-law might be fun... of course, she is condemned to lose, rite ;-)?

25. As for Ima, how can I dictate her about whom to marry? I even failed to convince her to buy Sony PSP instead of Nintendo DS ;-)

There you are... :) A 25 supposed-to-be-random facts about me ;-)

Did you learn anything new about me upon reading this? I bet you didn't ;-) I just recycled old information.

So.. you can learn something here: it's a waste of time trying to peek into my inner life with such a "questionnaire"... HAHAHAHA...