Saturday, March 08, 2008

I Hate Wilson, too!

*An unauthorized sequel to this short story, written without the permission of, or even being acknowledged by, the original author*

He said he hated Wilson. I hate Wilson too. Perhaps, I hate Wilson even more!

But we hate this same person for different reason.

He hates Wilson as he thinks Wilson’s attitude is indecent. I hate Wilson as he is the living proof of anything I should have been, but always fail to be: so social, so amicable, so full of compliments...

So fake.

The Wilson Office Act, as he called it, indeed works well – too well - for Wilson. Not Wilson’s fault, though. There is nothing suggests that Wilson was anything but sincere in his comments and manners. And even if it was all a front, so what? People would take nice people anytime over rude ones.

And that what makes me hate him.

I am not the kind of person who can charm my way up the career ladder. I never even care whether people will like me or not. I just do what I believe is right, do things as best as I can, and let quality speaks for itself. I want people to judge me from my quality, my work quality. Not my personality. I don’t like small talks like Wilson. I always fail to notice whether someone has a new hair cut, let alone say compliments about it.

Well, you might say it doesn’t matter. And that was what I thought, too. Just be yourself, and anything will be okay. Fake will lead you to nowhere, even if you do it for the greater good. There is nothing called white-fake, isn’t it?

But, the real world is anything but that simple. There is always chance, a big chance, that the people’s judgment will be clouded by the personality. And when that happens, no matter what best work quality you present, it will always be oversighted.

At the end, the reality comes to whether you are a fun-to-be-with person or not.

If you are fun-to-be-with, people might forget about your little (or even big) mistakes. If you are not, there is a big chance that people will oversight your good works, and remembers the very little mistakes you’ve done.

Especially when you work in the line of business that requires you to work with a lot of people.

As he had said, even if it was all a front, so what? People would take nice people anytime over strict-to-business ones. As there is nothing purely business in this business. In this business where everyone works with everybody, talks with everybody, personality is very important. More important than quality.


There is a knock on the door.

It makes me stop my lamentation.

I wipe my tears, and continue to dab more powder around my eyes. I have to look dashing on the stage, once again put my best effort and show my best quality of work; hoping that this time people will remember my works over the fact that I am not fun-to-be-with in the real life. He said that it has been more and more difficult to find people that would hire me. Not that I show bad quality of works, he said, but because I cannot charm people. Because I fail to speak nice things to them. Because I fail to be so amicable, so social, outside my work. Thus people will not feel comfortable working with me, and they choose more amicable, more social people – even if they are only capable of less work quality. They need to feel fun during working, they say, and I simply cannot offer that kind of feeling.

He has said that he would give me this one last chance. I have to charm the people out there. If I fail again, then he’ll be done with me. I am free to find another manager, or even another career. I’m sorry, goodbye, he will say, as what Kris Dayanti sings.

But I cannot afford to lose him. I cannot lose the career I have developed over a decade. I have too many mouths to feed.

And I cannot imagine losing the career I love, the career I am good at, over one detail that turns out to be the root of everything: charm everyone in the real world.

Yes, I am an artist. An actress, to be exact. A good actress, I believe, who can personify anything on the stage so good. There is only one act I cannot do: to be a fake fun-to-be-with person in the real world.

Sadly, at the end, people might forget your best acting on stage, when you lose your words during the fans gathering – and makes the fans think you’re not nice to them, or when you are being too strict to the crew – including the director – all the time. It will always be a feast for the so-called infotainment, bringing your reputation down, and drown your career to the bottom of the sea.

The fact that he [Wilson] hates Wilson [himself] due to the Wilson Office Act will not change any of this, when everybody loves Wilson.

And.. I was wrong about the white-fake. White-fake does exist. You can find its existence under the word “diplomacy”.